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Our professional speakers come from different backgrounds and can be hired as event speakers, facilitators, panelists and more. Please contact us for further info about inquiries at: infop4cd@gmail.com

Mari Malek


Since she fled South Sudan as a refugee 18 years ago, Mari Malek, aka DJ Stiletto, has become a successful Model/DJ and Actress in New York City. She is also the founder of "Stand For Education," a non- profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and providing access to education for underprivileged children. When Malek first escaped South Sudan with her mother and siblings, they spent four years in Egypt where they applied for asylum and were granted refugee status. Mari and her family then moved to Newark, New Jersey before they found their relatives and relocated to San Diego, California. One day on a walk to school, Malek was approached by a modeling scout, and in 2006, Malek moved to New York to pursue a career in the field. She now uses her status as a platform to bring light to an often-ignored plight, and helps to inspire and introduce opportunities to South Sudanese women and children whose lives have been torn apart by the violence and inhumanity of war. 

Mari can be hired to speak about refugee crisis, women’s empowerment, and education. Please contact us to book her and learn about her fees and availability. 

Millen Magese


Millen Happiness Magese is a world-renowned fashion model and humble humanitarian. When she’s not prowling runways in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, the former Miss Tanzania can often be found giving her time, talents, and energy to making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate through her significant contributions to charities such as the Tanzania Education Trust, African Rainforest Conservancy, and the MacDella Cooper Foundation. She has also established the Millen Magese foundation to empower women and girls of Tanzania. Beyond all of her professional talent and subsequent accomplishments, helping others has always been what Millen Magese enjoys the most. Millen suffered in silence about her struggle with endometriosis until 2014, when she began to speak out and advocate for the improvement of menstrual health care for women and girls in all of Africa.The pain Millen faced as a young girl during her menstruation would cause her to miss an average of 8 days of school each month. She hopes that no other girl will feel her pain and go through obstacles to receive an education that will allow her to achieve success.

Millen can be hired to speak about endometriosis, Menstrual Hygiene Management, education and women's empowerment. Please contact us for further info and booking fees. 

Erum Azeez Khan


Erum works on Innovation Strategy at messagingLab, a boutique consulting firm developing content-based strategy programs designed to drive the life sciences industry forward. She also spends time helping out the team at Hacking Alzheimer’s by developing partnerships and proposals that introduce A.I. and voice-enabled technologies to the help aging population improve their memory and engage in the digital world.

Additionally, Erum advises the tech team at Carbon Continuum, a company which manufactures carbon nanotubes by recycling industrial carbon air pollution. She participated in the two business accelerators (Unreasonable at Sea and the CleanTech Open) and spoke at several conferences about the technology across the globe. She is also a member of the Emerging Leaders of Energy & Environmental Policy network (ELEEP)- a joint collaboration between two think tanks- Atlantic Council (US) and Ecologic Institute (Germany)- where she works with leaders to develop sustainable energy and environmental policies. Additionally, Erum advises a female student organization at NYU.

She earned her B.S. in Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and studied International Relations and Positive Psychology at University of Pennsylvania.

Kiran Gandhi


Kiran Gandhi is a Los Angeles-based musician, feminist activist and music industry thinker with an MBA from Harvard. She has toured professionally drumming for M.I.A and Thievery Corporation and currently produces electronic music under her own project called Madame Gandhi.

She is perhaps most well-known for running the London Marathon bleeding-freely to combat period stigma around the world, sparking a global viral conversation about how we treat menstruation in various cultures. Her goal is to combine her intellectual and musical talents in order to re-imagine a music industry that is healthier for women and girls around the world.

Kiran’s TEDx talk on “Atomic Living” embodies her belief that by knowing and protecting the things that matter to you most, life’s toughest choices become easier to navigate.

She speaks often about how menstruation taboo affects women and girls daily around the world, and is currently working to eliminate the “luxury tax” on tampons that still exists in several states today. 

Minna Aslama Horowitz


Minna holds a PhD, SocSci and has two decades of experience in: Design of collaborative practices for multi-stakeholder issues and events. Innovation in higher education. In-depth knowledge of digitalization and global development. Strategy-building for new non-profits. Funding proposal development as well as grantee evaluation.

She is also an expert in community- and network-building on- and off-line. Her experience ranges from diversity analysis to Design Thinking and Living Labs. She is passionate about and knowledgeable in advocacy for gender issues, public and Independent media, and communication rights. 

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