Agnieszka Wilson

Founder & CEO

Agnieszka Wilson is the  the Founder and CEO of Partners for Creative Development in New York. Her responsibilities involve project management, coordination, partnership building and communication at the global level. Prior to P4CD she was the Executive Director at NFCC International, working on women's reproductive health and menstrual health. She worked at the UN on post-conflict and gender-related issues. Her work involved the coordination of 22 UN agencies focusing on post-settings and war torn societies. She is also co-founder and manager of a New York based women’s network and used to teach as a part time professor at St. Johns University on International Communications.


She holds a Master's of Political Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. Her passion for sustainable development and gender equality across the globe inspired her to create P4CD to support humanitarian organizations and drive social change through collaboration and a project based approach, that allows global experts to come together and create sustainable change. 

Helene Diyabanza Peterson

Senior Advisor Communications

Helene has 15 years professional experience within accounting and financial management in government agencies in Sweden, including Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), where she managed an annual budget of 30 billion Swedish Kronor. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the Stockholm University and is currently enrolled in an MBA program at the Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University in New York with a focus on global development and communication. While studying she grew a strong engagement in social media communication and is especially interested in storytelling for women empowerment and policy issues. She is an active member of the nonprofit umbrella organization Kota Alliance for women-centered collaboration. Her interest and passion for economic development, humanitarian support and international communication has further led her to work for organizations such as UNFPA.


Helene is also the co-founder and chair of a Swedish nonprofit organization sponsoring children with school fees in Entebbe, Uganda where she lived for a couple of years. Helene grew up partly in Sweden and in the Democratic Republic of Congo andhas apart from Uganda, also lived in Congo Brazzaville, France, Croatia and for the past four years in the United States. She speaks five languages including English and French.

Kemi Richardson

Program and Knowledge Management Consultant

Kemi Richardson is our program and knowledge management consultant. Her expertise is in economics and community health. Previously, she studied Social Policy in South Africa. Her field-work experience in Uganda, South Africa, and Northeast Asia includes reproductive health, pediatric health, education, and post-conflict development. Kemi oversees the development of program strategies/development/implementation/, budget development, and social media.

Alexa Shuck

Communications Manager

Alexa is the Communication Manager of Partners for Creative Development in New York. Alexa has 6 years experience in the communication field working in branding, communication management and social media. Alexa got started in the communication field during her studies at St. John’s University in Queens, NY. She holds a B.S. in Communication Arts with minors in Business Administration and International Studies. While studying as an undergraduate she fell in love with the world around her due to studying abroad in Rome, Italy and became fascinated with communication. As well as holding a B.S. she holds a M.S. in International Communications, which is a program that explores communication as an indispensable tool for media management, strategic planning, human resources, policy-making, and public relations in the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors. 

During her studies, she presented in conferences around the world. In Spain, she presented a paper on Ethics in the Digital World, which was a professional paper detailing how the digital world was like the physical world and needed ethics to guide it so that it can be sustained. In Argentina, she presented a company that was based off the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to the International Council for Small Business for which she was a finalist in their student competition. She holds experience in Social Media management from internships within St. John’s University and outside organizations in the nonprofit sector. Her experience in communication management and branding come from Graduate Assistantships as well as working with nonprofits such as Faith and Service in the City.  Alexa has traveled to over 10 countries so far and plans to visit many more. Alexa can speak French as well as English. 

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