Partners for Creative Development recognizes that one of the hardest parts of running a non-profit and NGO is funding. In the United States, there are over one million non-profit organizations, and only 2.25% of those make up 90% of the total revenue of non-profits. This signals to us that smaller and less-known social service organizations are struggling to find funding through donation, corporations and grants.


Our team at Partners for Creative Development is equipped with experts in grant identification and writing. Our team works with you to develop an understanding of the social services provided by your organization, as well as your current financial state. Initially, we collaborate to develop a reasonable budget for your organization, which is then used to determine the level of funding necessary to carryout your projects and objectives.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Furthermore, Partners for Creative Development has a network of partner organizations, who have the ability to serve as fiscal sponsors. A fiscal sponsorship offers an alternative to acquiring a 501(c)(3) status, while still being eligible for grants and to solicit tax-deductible donations.  Our experts work to partner organizations with fiscal sponsors who have similar objectives in order to compliment each others work.  


The allocation of grants, donations, and fiscal sponsorship requires full-time employees, which takes away staffing from the services your organization provides. By partnering with Partners for Creative Development, we equip your staff with experts at an affordable cost that are fully devoted to allocating funding so your organization can operate to it’s highest potential.


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