Partners for Creative Development have worked with many organizations who implement training sessions for their staff members and facilitators around the world. We develop material to be used by their training team; but also partner with consultants who facilitate training sessions. We specialize in identifying facilitators who are experts in the following areas; sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, human rights, menstrual hygiene management, crisis management, post-conflict counseling, natural disaster relief, peace-building and sustainable development. All of our training materials take a community-based approach in order to gain a holistic understanding of local needs.

Workshops & Seminars

Our consultants at Partners for Creative Development have experience conducting and developing workshops and seminars that are appropriate for a wide range of global audiences. 

We offer services to develop workshop material and activities which are in accordance with your organization's objectives. We also offer full planning and facilitation of your workshop or seminar. These services include coordination, event space identification, activity preparation, facilitator identification, and workshop promotion.

Women’s Leadership Trainings and Workshops


Partners for Creative Development further specialize on women’s leadership trainings and workshops from a holistic approach. We believe that the humanitarian and development field is in need of strong and experienced female leaders that are professional and  compassionate about their roles as managers and communicators in the global sphere. In today’s global development environment, we see a lack of mindful and experienced leaders and managers, who we believe are key to sustainable development and peace-building. Peace starts on an individual level, which is why we believe that  building peace starts with you! Our workshops and trainings therefore go beyond leadership and also focus on mindfulness, healthy eating, exercise, work life balance, stress management, public speaking and more! 


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Trainings & Workshops

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