Partnership Building

Partners for Creative Development strongly believes excellence is achieved through partnering with organizations which build on each other’s strengths to achieve a common goal.  We work with organizations at the global, regional, and country level who we have identified as sharing a common vision and objectives.  We develop strategic engagement strategies in which values of each partnering organization are aligned, and the principles of each partnership are understood. We believe that by building a network of partners for your organization, excellence and quality work can be achieved.


Furthermore, we strive to develop cost effective partnerships, which minimize the overlap of projects. By collaborating, organizations are able to reach a wider audience and conduct more comprehensive projects by combining their resources. Through partnerships, your organization is exposed to a larger network of like-minded global actors.


Partners for Creative Development promotes partnership building because of the following benefits: increased effectiveness, cost-efficiency, increased access to skills and knowledge, sustainability, increased funding opportunities, and increased network outreach.


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