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We care about your organizational goals and want to ensure that your social media strategy puts you on a path to success. Our social media packages are designed to fit humanitarian organizations and social enterprises like yours. Our passionate and skilled team has significant experience in sustainable development work, both programmatic and financial development including fundraising, PR, marketing, event planning and social media management.


We have worked with a wide range of organizations including United Nations programmes, startup nonprofits and more.  Our passion for humanitarian cross-cutting issues and the way we approach social media content development and management  will allow us to work with your team to establish a social media strategy and implementation plan based on your needs. We also offer monthly social media packages where we manage your accounts so that your organization can focus on other priorities. By creating and managing inspiring and engaging content and awareness-raising we will ensure that your core values and reputation are promoted in the best possible way. By creating your very own distinct and recognizable identity, we will focus on increasing your audience and can assist you with building partnerships across platforms with other like minded groups.


Our basic package is ideal if your organization has a limited budget and wants to take advantage of social media to advocate your core values and messaging to a local and global  target audience.


  • 3 postings per week  (up to three platforms)

  • Social Account Setup

  • Content Creation

  • Increase in followers and engagement

  • Account Management

  • Monthly Progress report

  • No Setup Fee



Our VIP package is ideal if your organization wants to completely outsource your social media presence to experts and monitor your organizational reputation and integrity.


  • 6 postings per week (up to three platforms) + 2 videos

  • Social Account Setup

  • Content Creation

  • Increase in followers

  • Account Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Media Competitor Analysis

  • Spam monitoring

  • Community Management;

  • Monthly Progress report

  • No Setup Fee


Custom - Get a Quote

Our custom social media package can be customized to your needs and requirements. Our social media experts will help you select features to include in the package based on your budget, goals and brand messaging.


  • We will help you custom design your social media presence which will include your core values, vision and main goals.

  • Include features from the Basic and VIP packages.

  • Campaigns

  • Paid social media advertising.

  • Social media training for your staff and team.

  • Policy guidelines.

* Every social media package consists of a basic startup toolkit including evaluation and a team bootcamp (one time cost that from $800) with a free month of subscription if you sign up for a minimum of 6 months:



We also specialize in social media campaigns where we will help you create, brand and promote your very own fundraising, awareness raising or promotional campaign. Our team will work and collaborate with your team every step of the way. We also work with short-term social media management during events, workshops, conferences and more by having one of our associates showing up at your event or in your office to do your social media for you. For more information please email us.



Our team also provides customized social media training for staff and social media teams including development of tailored social media toolkits. This includes our team sitting down with yours to evaluate what type of training is needed and put together a package based on your needs and budget. Social media trainings include: Social Media research and content creation, content outreach, SM platforms, marketing, strategy and planning, do’s and don'ts in the nonprofit/organizational world, latest posting trends. For quotes and more info and training outlines please contact us via website.

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