Partners for Creative Development provides services to companies and global organizations working on humanitarian issues and social change. Our services are project-based and we hand pick a team of experts according to your specific needs to achieve the best possible results for each project. We are here to inspire and get inspired by you. We want to work with you: hands-on, every step of the way. We understand the different roles, expertise, and needs, of various stakeholders in the development and peacebuilding field. Though other consulting agencies are working in similar areas of expertise with large entities, a disconnect currently exists between content, knowledge, experience and executive skills.  Existing consulting agencies do not have the humanitarian experience that we offer. We help to bridge gaps: we connect NGOs to UN agencies and identify rising stars, build partnerships offer trainings and more. We believe that in order to create peace, balance, and sustainable social change in the world we need to work holistically and in collaboration. 



Our hands-on project approach, brings specific experts together to deliver optimal results. Working closely with clients to meet their needs is our number one priority. We believe that collaboration and partnerships are key to  success. We will coordinate your specific project to completion while ensuring that it fits within your budget and produces the finest professional results. 

Menstrual Hygiene Day

January 2, 2019

Our social media management and training packages are finally here!!

September 1, 2018

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Stand for Education Strategy

Education Empowerment

Partners for Creative Development collaborated with Stand for Education to develop this three years strategy document to improve the Malek Primary School in South Sudan by building classrooms, training teachers, and the introduction of a sexual and reproductive health education. The Malek Primary School will also provide menstrual hygiene kits lasting up to three years to all girls attending the school. We look forward to implementing this strategy together with Stand for Education.